Down Under FYBO

Down Under FYBO – Freeze Your Butt Off Contest

Sunday 26th June ..




The main purpose of this contest is to encourage portable operations during

cold and possibly wet and windy weather conditions. This is best demonstrated by the

Portable and FYOB  categories attracting a multiplier to reward participants for their

extended efforts.


  1. Dates & Times

1.1. The contest will begin Sunday 26th June 2016 at 01.00hrs UTC.

1.2. The duration of the contest is 5 hours.

1.3. The contest will end at 06.00hrs UTC.


  1. General

2.1. Participation is Limited to Licenced Radio Amateurs .

2.2. All operations are to be in accordance with these simple rules.

2.3. This contest is for single operator stations only.

2.4. Given that operating the transceiver is the primary function in the contest it must

be done by the holder of the amateur radio station licence; any or all secondary

functions may be performed by another person. This includes any task from logging

to getting the coffee.

2.5. Holders of more than one call sign MUST use only ONE call sign for the duration of

the contest.

2.6. Fully automated operation is not permitted.

2.7. Computers may be used for logging purposes and CW / data communications.


  1. Categories

3.1. Home Station

3.1.1. The registered Home location of an amateur radio call sign.

3.1.2. Fixed Clubroom stations can join in the Home Station section.


3.2. Portable Station

3.2.1. Any portable station operating independent from mains power supply.

3.2.2. The portable station must be self-sufficient and use independent antenna systems not mobile whips fixed to campers or caravans.

3.2.3. Portable locations can include structures such as park benches, shelters, campers and caravans.


3.3. FYBO Station

3.3.1. A FYBO station needs to operate totally portable and independent from the above infrastructure of the other sections.

3.3.2. A “carried in” Tent or Boffy bag or Ground Sheet is considered OK to protect persons and equipment taking part in this category.


  1. Permitted Bands and Emission and Contact Modes

4.1. Taking into account any exceptions listed below, any station-to-station contact

using any band or any emission mode permitted by the amateur radio licence is


4.2. EXCEPTION #1 – The IARU agreement does not allow the use of the 10, 18 and

24MHz bands for contesting purposes.

4.3. EXCEPTION #2 – Only Station-to-Station simplex contact using any natural

propagation method is permitted. The use of repeater, duplex, transponder or

satellite operations is not permitted.

4.4. EXCEPTION #3 – The use of the 2200 and 630 metre bands is not permitted.



  1. Contacts

5.1. On all bands, repeat contacts can be made providing 1 hour has passed since the first or previous QSO.

It does not allow immediate contacts using a different mode on the same band.

5.2. Suggested calls:

“CQ Contest”, “CQ FYBO”, “CQ FYBO Contest”. FYBO is pronounced “fibe-oh”.

5.3. A valid exchange consists of RS(T) followed by a 3 digit contact number and State you situation being Home, Portable or FYBO

5.3.1. The first contact number to be 001 and each successive contact to be given

the next incrementing number e.g. 002, 003, 004 ….. to ….. 999.


  1. Scoring

6.1. CONTACTS – One point per contact regardless of the mode.

6.2. MULTIPLIERS – After calculating the above total contacts add on the total minutes you operated in the 5 hour period, then multiply that tally by the number of repeat hourly QSO’s .

6.3. OPERATING PERIOD – Total is 5 hours or 300 minutes but if you break for more than 60 minutes within that time span it would be considered you stopped taking part.

6.4. STOPPED OPERATING –  The last logged time before 60 minutes break between a QSO would be considered your last minute in time to use as a Score.

6.5. EXAMPLE LOG SCORE – 20 different stations worked, plus amount of minutes to participate 300 multiply by number of duplicate QSO’s. Let’s say you worked 15 of the 20 contacts at least 3 times as duplicates your final mutiplyer would be 45.

6.6 FINGERS CROSSED – 20 + 300 x 45 =







  1. Submitting your log

7.1. All logs are to be received by the contest Manager no later than 14 days after the

end of the contest.

7.2. Electronic Logs

7.2.1. Use of electronics logging is accepted. Files exported as text (.txt) files are preferred

7.2.2. Electronic loggers print a summary of the results including your claimed

7.2.3. Send logs email attached to

You will receive an acknowledgement when receipt of the log has

been confirmed.

7.3. Paper Logs

7.3.1. Calculate your claimed score using the header provided and post to FYBO

W.I. Northeast

PO Box 144

Clare 5453


  1. Contest Results

8.1. Results will be published 60 days after the close of the contest at

My word press blog site

  1. Contest

10.2. The Down Under  FYBO Contest coordinator Ian VK5CZ invites as many as possible to take part and hopefully enjoy themselves .

10.3. The FYBO Contest Managers and Coordinators thank all participants for their

interest in the FYBO Contest.

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