3 Years of SOTA in VK5.

Well 3 years are up since SOTA started off in South Australia on 01/10/2012 and the activating events are slowly getting less not more.

2012   8 summits 26 accumulated activation points with 7 chasers from vk5.

2013  135 summits 339 accumulated activation points with 18 chasers from vk5.

2014  192 summits 497 accumulated activation points with 23 chasers from vk5.

2015  119 summits 376 accumulated activation points with 18 chasers from vk5.

Since we started there have been 21 activators from vk5 taking part accumulating 454 activations gaining 1239 points.

and 30 chasers from vk5 taking part accumulating 7624 chaser points so far from vk5 activators.

Some activators who are from interstate or unregistered may have taken part in that time frame but figures are unknown and some  chasers are not registered with the program so they can’t be easily accounted for either.

Since SOTA got started in vk5 the following chasers have accumulated points from vk5 other Australian States and also DX activations.

2012: 7 chasers collected 237 points, vk5 activators gave out 26 points

2013: 18 chasers collected 9,103 points, vk5 activators gave out 339 points

2014: 23 chasers collected 16,575 points, vk5 activators gave out 497 points

2015: 18 chasers collected 11,402 points, vk5 activators gave out 376 points

Not sure how that stacks up but it seems to me more activators are needed in vk5 and the other problem is the low value of the summits with regards height above sea level and proximity of the summits for easy access.

The activations Hugh and I did this season we easily travelled 500 km each trip for every activation. Some summits were closer for me in the mid north and I did manage to activate 44 summits for this season.

I only have 1 summit left to activate this year that I normally include in my lap but with the weather heating up much earlier I may not get to activate that summit.

Quorn 2014 4 summits 022Hawker 2015 025

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 025Wagga 2015 003