Black Bullock Hill

My nephew Dale and his new bride Amanda decided to get married so not to miss an opportunity to get a summit in the log Halima and I went down south for the wedding and got an activation on the way to the wedding. Well it all went to plan accept for the rain that fell while I was activating. The rain seemed to come from nowhere across Backstairs Passage the sea between the mainland and Kangaroo Island. I tried as best I could to keep the water out of my gear but this rain was totally unexpected and I was totally unprepared  for it so a supermarket bag I had in the back of my ute went someway to protect my gear. I made lots of 40m qsos on cw this time and then another pile up on ssb which was great.  The rain got me soaking wet  and I tried to push through the contacts as quick as I could before the bag filled with water and got my rig wet. So a short and sharp activation and wet clothes and gear to add to the 1 point for the activation.

2015-09-25 13.01.28 What can I say SOTA fever makes you do silly things, lucky that extra post is on the outside as this is an electric fence along here. Its cow country down south.

2015-09-25 13.01.39 Using my phone to log was tricky, too wet for my paper log but I hope I got them all in ok. I used the FT 857 and bigger 8400 LiFe for this activation and hopefully the rig is a bit more splash proof than the KX3 . Halima can I borrow you hair dryer please.

cheers thanks for reading my blog.

Ian vk5cz ..

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