Stone Cairns

Here are some photos and locations of the Stone Cairns I have seen on my travels.

Sorry there are people in the photos when we visit these summits its for a radio hobby and hiking  activity called Summits On The Air SOTA .

This is Eke Hill on the southern end of the Bendelby Ranges north east of Orroroo.

This one has collapsed but is on Pualco Range.

Waroonee Hill on Tetulpa Stations west of Yunta.

Oulnina Hill east of Yunta.

Hogshead near Pekina.

Marchant Hill Bendelby Ranges .

These are the summits I visit that have Cairns some have a concrete trig others have the 3 steel post trig and some have the trig removed and 3 blue posts replace the trip point.

Price Hill.

Maurice Hill.

Mt Cone.



5 Year Anniversary SOTA Trip.

Hugh and I decided the weather would be good to get the last of the Summits along the Barrier Highway this weekend which is 5 years since SOTA started in South Australia. The dry winter and spring this year made it a very dusty trip along the tracks we took and there is no green vegetation to be seen. We still saw plenty of kangaroos and sheep with a few goats thrown in, but not sure what they are eating out there.


The first goal is to hike to Nakara Hill vk5/ne-081, It’s only a short hike from where we park the sota transporter. It was quite windy and cool when we were on the summit but managed to find a rock ledge to set up behind on the northern edge of the summit.


Working the pile up Hugh on ssb and me on cw.

Not many chasers on 80 m but Nev and Ian gave us both a report then Hugh went to 40 m ssb and topped up his score with 3 other regulars from vk3 then I went to cw to get my score thanks to 6 cw chasers to help me out. We packed up and headed back down for smoko then took a new way to Pitcairn Station which ended up being a shorter trip than we thought.

Waite Hill vk5/ne-066 is a great summit to visit with a big climb up the southern end of the range but to get there is a slow 10 km track which is quite rough and stoney so we have to go slowly along until we get there.


On the way up we have a goat track to follow much of the way.


Always good to see the other side of the range on these climbs, Hugh set up by the old trig point which has blown down.


Not many chasers this time only Nev on 80 m the rest were waiting for the Crows to lose the footy.

Hugh made his score with vk3led vk3pf and vk5wat/3 who was pedestrian mobile walking in the water on a beach in vk3 a summit 2 sea contact for us.

I was lucky my faithful chasers on cw came on before the kick off and made me a score.


Great view to the south on the way down.

Thanks to the chasers and land owners.


vk5cz ..




Bendleby Ranges 3 Summits

Hugh finally got free of his work so we took the opportunity to hit the summits in the Bendleby Ranges.

We stayed this time at the Bendleby property which has accommodation for bush camping or cabins, we stayed in the shearers quarters with all the facilities to sleep and feed ourselves.

First summit was west of Bendleby on Pamatta Station a large pastoral lease and Price Hill VK5/NE-056 is the summit. We met James the owner at his homestead when we arrived and discussed our intentions to hike to the summit. He was busy installing new water troughs for his sheep as it is the driest winter on record and their reliance on ground water is all they can do to keep their animals alive in these really hard times. We were able to find a way to cross a washed out creek this time and got about a kilometre closer to the summit to start our hike. Price Hill is a bald range of hills with hardly any trees at all mostly rocks and spinifex grass on the top edge with a healthy population of Kangaroos . This time we found a better ridge line to get to the top but it’s still a medium to hard hike and we work on finding a better way every time we go to a summit but often you just have to slog till you get there. I recon it was about 3 km to the top this time taking about 1 hour.

This washed out creek stopped us driving any further .


View looking east and the CH 1 UHF CB repeater Fridge no beer. Irony is repeater is in a Fridge and the batteries are in an Esky.

SOTA station set up Hugh and I just made enough contacts to qualify this summit as it was Friday and not many chasers.

After making our way back to the sota transporter we headed 50 km back to the Bendelby’s to climb Eke Hill VK5/NE-069 a summit in the southern range of hills. More dusty tracks with a short distance in 4×4 this time to make the parking spot and tackle the next hike. Now that Hugh and I have been to this summit a few times we have the track worked out and made the summit in about 40 minutes.


Very nice hike up the waterfall type creek then follow the ridge line to the top, medium hike.


Customary pictures at the stone cairn then on with the activation great views out east from here.

Band conditions were slightly better in the afternoon and I managed to make 5 qso’s and Hugh had the pile up with 7 qso’s on ssb .  We had a really low output on ssb on the kx3 but it seemed to work to the power setting on cw and the chasers were telling us we were very low down even though some of them were over  S 9 . After some checking of the rig I discovered that over time the mic gain had been turned off to almost zero. It is the same control as for cw and power settings but when on ssb it becomes the mic gain. So problem found and much to my relief nothing wrong with the rig just operator error. At last by the time Hugh was taking his turn on 40m ssb we had a great signal again,and the rig must have been running at 1 watt or even less before we discovered the problem, and I wonder how long it has been like that.

Back to camp for a feed and cleanup ready for bed to tackle two more summits on Saturday, there is no internet or tv here so not many distractions, I did manage an 80m mobile qso with Ian VK5IS a couple times while we were in down time.

Marchant Hill VK5NE-043 was the first summit for the day which entails a drive to the Northern end of the property this time and it is a 6 pointer and this hike usually hurts. We were told by the property owners that a walking trail had been marked now for bush walkers so Hugh and I wanted to try it and see if it was easier. I must say the trail to get to the trig point was probably the best way to get there and we walked over two high saddles before we could see the summit. They marked the trail with red ribbons on the bushes and apparently the goats like to eat the ribbon so we got off line a few times but managed to be in the general area most of the time and took the obvious lines. On the way back I recorded several way points on the Etrex 30 and will pass on the information to Jane so others using GPS can find the trail and wear it in a bit.


No trees here either and mostly low salt bush and rocks not as much Spinifex grass.


The very old style Trig Point on this summit and Hugh getting ready to operate.

The wind was really strong so we found a spot on the eastern side as best we could out of most of the raging wind.

We only set the Squid Pole at 7 metres and the 80m extensions were not very high off the bushes but we managed some contacts with the locals on 80m ssb before changing to 40m . Hugh made a small score on ssb and a S2S with VK1DA then I had a go on cw making an S2S with Andrew also but on cw. Good signals on 40m cw to vk1 2 3 but the wind was so bad and we could see the dust storm building so we made haste back to the sota transporter.

After we got back to the camp ground the dust storm in the middle of winter was raging so we decided not to attempt the other summit after lunch and I loaded up and headed for home. We had originally planned to do 5 summits but access to Depot Hill was not possible that weekend and we abandoned the plans for Peaked Hill because of the weather, but 14 points out of a possible 21 is ok and they will be there for another trip.

Thanks to all the chasers and the property owners for the use of the hills and tracks.

Thanks for reading My Blog.

Ian vk5cz ..










Mt Arden Repeater with SOTA vk5/ne-034

Peter VK5BWH had been trying to get a team of helpers to Mt Arden for quite a while and last weekend it all came together. For myself  vk5cz Ian vk5is and Roger vk5we it was a good opportunity to do the SOTA summit while we were there. We arrived at Argadells early so the property manager said we could head up to the Mountain before the other team had arrived. It is about a 40 minute trip to the top from the homestead with a rocky steep climb for the last couple kilometres. The track was a lot more eroded this time than it was last year but we made it without any problems keeping the Colorado in second gear low range to give enough momentum for the obstacle on the track.

We had to set up on the southern side of the hill as it was very windy right on top but a very nice sunny cold day . We had a couple contacts on 80m first with vk5wg and vk5mbd to get the activation under way. Roger went first on 40m ssb to find not many chasers to start out and after another spot he started to get some callers. Ian went second on 40m ssb and just managed to get the two more contacts to qualify. I went last on 40m cw and just made two more contacts as well to get 4 the chasers we all needed.

Coats and woolly hats standard kit in this weather, Roger working his pile up, I think he made six contacts the most of all.

Ian looking for two more on 40m to qualify, it’s always hard to find contacts going second.

Working Nev and Bill on 80m ssb then hoping to find the rest on 40m cw to qualify. The band conditions on 40m were good enough to make contacts there just weren’t many chasers this time.

By the time we all qualified the SOTA summit Peter and the repeater repair team had made it to the top as well and we could get on with helping lower the antenna tower.

A rope and pulley team ready to lower the pipe tower to fix the feed line. We were a bit worried about the strong wind but in the end it all went smoothly.

A complete new feed line was installed and refitted to the tower then we were able to pull it back up and into place.

View inside the Box.

I am not sure what went wrong to put the repeater off the air in the first place but it will be better for the new run of feed line and a reset in the box.


Great views from Mount Arden.

Thanks Peter for organising the trip so we could slot in an activation and for fixing the repeater.

Thanks to the chasers and land owners for access to the summit.

Two Ian’s and Roger.

vk5cz vk5is vk5we.

Thanks for reading my blog

Ian CZ ..



Second Summit for the Day

After returning to the vehicles and a lunch break we headed south from Hogshead to Mt Nadjuri summit.

VK5/NE-058 . Down some dusty roads then up into the hills through a large wind farm which is growing all the time in number of towers. Love them or hate them they are a great source of income for the farmers who own the land which can be marginal grazing country at best.

Setting up in the rocks again as it was very windy on this summit Ian went first on 40m ssb working a smaller pile up this time. We did not alert the intention to visit this summit it was decided to visit here at lunch time seeing it was on our way home.

View out to the East

Great Rock ledge to shelter from the wind with the new road to more wind generators to be built heading north.

Ian made his contacts on 40 ssb this activation.

The other Ian on 40 cw and 1 qso on 40 ssb .

We did not find a great number of chasers on this activation but enough to qualify the summit.

Thanks to all the chasers on both summits adding to our tally.

Regards from the Two Ian’s

CZ ..

A Day Of One Pointers

After Grape harvest and the first rains for Autumn it is considered safe to go to the Lochiel Repeater site to do a battery check and kick out any mice who make the hut home. The repeater was in good order with the sealed lead acid battery these days there is no need to be testing it and top it up with water. I just swept out the mouse doings and found 4 mice asleep on top of the Icom power supply keeping warm, so they got a rude shock to be shunted out the door into the cold. The door is opened by the power company every so often and the contractor does not set up the bottom seal on the door properly to stop the mice getting in.

Bumbunga Hill is SOTA summit VK5/SE-015 so Hugh and I decided to get a couple 1 pointers done while we were there.

Setting up on the western side of the summit by this log was a good place to activate and get some protection from the wind.

It’s almost normal now to start the activation on 3.6 mhz first so we can work the locals more easily then progress to higher frequencies . I only managed 5 qso’s for the activation and Hugh made about the same number on 80/40 m ssb. I did try to work my Japanese friend again S2S but we could not make the swap as signal levels were too low on 15m although I could hear him some of the time but the qsb made it fail.

Hugh working through his small pile up then pack up and off to

South Hummocks VK5/SE-017

Hugh and I had a short walk through the scrub for this one and got set up and the next activation under way.

Even at 02.00 UTC it is still possible to QSO locally on 80m, Hugh made contact with Paul VK5PAS/Mobile and the other VK states were much stronger on 40m by the second activation.

I was able to work some chasers on ssb and cw this activation with good signals into vk2 3 4 5 6 7 and a S2S with VK2NU on VK2/HU-047 in the Hunter Valley zone. VK2NU is a new activator for me to work and we had two QSO on ssb and then on cw later.

Thanks to the farmers  for access to their land .

thanks for reading my Blog.


Ian vk5cz ..


Battery VK5/NE-055 With Ian VK5IS

I had the good fortune of company on the first long hike for SOTA season 2017.

Ian VK5IS decided it was about time to do his first activation, we met at Laura early in the morning to make the rest of the trip in 1 vehicle. The Battery is about a 4.5 km hike with a short uphill to the top of the ridge from Stony Creek head water. After a nice egg and bacon toasty sanger and coffee we set off in good time to make the summit before UTC roll over. We were strolling along in good spirits swapping chatter and it suddenly occurred to me I did not have my Go Pro camera with me although I remembered I had taken it out of the Ute.  We were about 1.5 km into the hike and after thinking about the said cameras whereabouts I remembered putting it on the running board at the back of my Ute while I locked the canopy. So the decision for me to unload my back pack and get back to the Ute asap before maybe a passing opportunistic thief may see it and score a $500 Go Pro added to the urgency. Ian made himself comfortable in the shade and I made the round trip back to find the camera where I had left it and we were able to get on with the hike to the summit.

Once the Summit was reached and gear set up We made contact on 80 m first with some of the local chasers even enough to qualify the summit . I used the 80 m extensions clipped onto the usual SB link 40/20 m dipole and had good comms on 80 m locally .

Ian checking the path to VK5NWE on 2 m simplex before trying 40 m.

The 40 m band did not disappoint this time conditions were good to the Eastern states and Tassie and once Col VK3LED got a spot up for us Ian was in a pile up for his first activation.

In the action .

Ian’s many years of operating and his relaxed style made it a nice experience for the chasers and I am sure he enjoyed doing his first activation and I hope he does some more in the future.  The weather was warming up and the shade had gone from our spot on the ground so I made 5 quick cw qso on 40m cw and made a couple calls on 20m to no answer so we packed up and headed back to the Ute. For some reason on that summit the mobile phone won’t connect to the internet even though it seems to have plenty of signal, so we could not spot for 20 m . I just called on the usual frequency anyhow.

Cheers and thanks for reading my Blog

Ian vk5cz ..