Eke Hill SOTA Activation

After the long walk to Marchant Hill we made it to Eke Hill later in the afternoon only taking the wrong track once. Bendleby Ranges property is a mecca for camping and 4×4 holiday stays with accommodation . You can bush camp or stay in Sheerers Quarters or a Bungalow it has many choices and with many Summits in the area I will stay here next time I activate.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 031 This is Eke hill from the parking area with a real adventure walk up along this creek, It turns into a cascade type creek and interesting way to make it to the ridge nearer the top

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 032 We lost the walking trail for a while but it was obvious once we got out of the canyon as the Stone Cairn was easy to see .

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 033 Hugh keeps track of all our walks on his trusty old GPS .

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 034 No 2m simplex contacts this time bit far out from my local friends mobile phone works some of the time.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 046 We finally made the top and that is Marchant Hill way off in the distance our morning activation.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 043 These cairns are a work of art and are on all these summits, a lot of work

and effort went into building then some time in the 1800’s.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 048 Hugh working the pile up

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 050 trying for dx on 20m dx and I did qualify on 20m cw this time.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 039 Great views all round this is looking southeast .

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 044 Great view south .Thanks Jane and Warren for letting us use your tracks and hills at no cost .

73 de Ian vk5cz ..