5 years of SOTA in vk5

Getting close to 5 years of SOTA in vk5, this time back then I was busy getting the summit list organised and finalised with the SOTA Management Team in the UK . It was an exciting time but also some nervous tension involved hoping and making sure I had all the relevant information for the MT to upload to the SOTA database, and the ARM written properly as I was to take on the role of Association Manager for vk5. My new KX3 had arrived and I was keen to get out on a summit and be ready to go when the first day of October rolled around.

This weekend I was a couple weeks earlier for the anniversary but today was my chance to get back to Mt Horrocks again. I now have to ask a new land owner for permission but he was very good and allowed access for me to make a hike in from the western side of the summit which is right on 3 km from where I parked my ute. I probably could have driven closer as the gate was not locked but it was a good easy hike at this end of my SOTA season and I only asked permission to hike in anyhow.


Really nice green rolling hills this time of year in The Clare Valley


With great all around views from the top.

It was quite windy on top so I set up down a bit on the southern side this time using the 20/40 link dipole with extensions for 80 run out to use first.


I made contact with VK5WG  VK5MBD VK5MJC on 3.6 Mhz  but soon run out of chasers on that band so with a spot I was able to find some chasers on 7 Mhz ssb to boost my score followed by some cw chasers on 7 Mhz as well.

After it died down I went to 14 Mhz to find ZL1BYZ waiting for me on cw and he asked me to try ssb and I found ZL1WA on ssb who had a nice signal as well.

A nice way to spend the morning without having to travel very far from home is a nice change for me.

Thanks to Ben the very helpful land owner and all the chasers today doing a good job under poor band conditions. Thanks for reading my Blog.

Regards from

Ian vk5cz ..



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