Down Under FYBO 2016 Results

The time has come to publish the results for the Down Under FYBO for 2016

The contest was trialled and run on 26th of June this year which seemed to be ideal weather for the contest with snow in some states and lots of rain in South Australia this winter.

We had entries for 2 of the 3 categories set aside for the contest and with out re writing the rules here no one entered a log for the portable section only logs for the FYBO and Home Station were submitted. Some FYBO operators took part in the contest in Parks and others on Summits I also received a log from a Station set up on the Beach and others just out in Bush land, a good selection of “walk in” type activity.

There was some confusion about the importance of the hourly repeat contact for some as the multiplier but I was able to check the logs and adjust scores accordingly .

So the winner for the Home section was Nev VK5WG who made 14 Qso’s during the full time of the contest and because he maintained that hourly repeat exchange 12 times he was able to collect 12 multiplier point which boosted his score to 3768 points being the top score for the Home station section.

Top Score for the FYBO section was Paul VK5PAS who made 151 Qso’s during the full time of the contest and maintained the hourly repeat exchange 50 times to use as his multiplier to give him a score of 22,550 points.

During my time in the contest I worked 8 SOTA peaks as a chaser,  4 Parks as a chaser , 1 operator on the beach 12 different home stations and 1 dx station from Europe.

2015-12-05 13.36.57

Home Station section

CALL         DURATION        QSO        MULTIPLIER      SCORE

VK5WG          300           +          14    x      12                           3768

VK3FQSO     292             +         34    x      11                           3674

VK3CAT          45              +           5    x        0                               50

VK7CW            33              +          6     x       0                               39

FYBO section

CALL        DURATION       QSO         MULTIPLIER      SCORE

VK5PAS    300            +       151     x         50                      22,550

vk5cz          300            +        52     x         19                         6,536

VK2IO        152             +        44     x         14                         2,744

VK6NU       209            +        18     x           3                            681

VK2IB          130            +        21     x           3                            453

VK3JBL       102            +        14     x           2                            232

VK3YE           70            +        12     x           0                              82

VK3BYD        65            +          8     x            1                              73

VK3ARH        46           +           5     x           0                              51

VK3XV           23            +           9     x           0                              32

Congratulations to the highest scorers and thanks everyone for taking part, thanks to those who submitted  a log .






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