My SOTA Quest Is Now Mountain Goat

Summits on the Air is an International program which encourages Radio Amateurs to operate from the top of designated summits around the world. I am the current area manager for VK5 SOTA which became active in the SOTA program 01/10/2012. I got so much help from Wayne VK3WAM to map and record the summits for South Australia and prepare the Summit List and local ARM. Because SOTA is now active in vk5 there is not much for me to do but report problems to the MT in the UK.  I spend my time activating Summits On The Air and I have 50 Summits on my list to try to visit once a year. I need to gain permission from land owners every time I visit a summit on the list. Hugh VK5NHG has joined me activating summits and He has gained permission to access lots of the summits on our list. My kit includes a KX3  and Link Dipole, or an End Fed Random wire, 53 foot being my Rigs favourite end fed antenna with  9 feet of counterpoise wire . I have a You Kits HB-1B QRP 5 band CW only rig and the MT1 You Kits EFRW tuner which also tunes my 53 footer easily. I have added an FT 817 to my stable of SOTA rigs which is fun to operate and does a great job with the SOTA beams 20/40 m link dipole with clip on extensions for 3.680 mhz.

Well on 25th of May 2019 I finally qualified with 1000 activating points to make Mountain Goat.

In order to reach that score I had to visit 263 summits with a average of 3.8 points per activation.

My first summit was Mt Horrocks 01/10/2012 and as I came close to 1000 points it was fitting to finish off with Mt Horrocks as my Award Summit 6.5 years later. It was a coincidence that by the end I only needed 2 points to make Mountain Goat so good old vk5/se-012 was the summit. Among the local chasers we agreed to make Nev VK5WG qso number 4 as my qualifying score in honor of the contribution he has put into chasing SOTA activators. Nev is one of my most reliable and determined chaser during my time activating to this point, I recon it would be only a couple times that i have gone out activating and not work Nev it was always hard to leave the summit without Nev in my log. Dale VK5LD and John VK5MJC were logged on my first activation and also the Qualifying activation. Last but never least I thank all the land owners for access to their properties so I could take part in SOTA, thanks again.

vk5cz / MG ..

Number Summit Name Hike Distance Date of First
1 VK5/SE-012 (Mt Horrocks) 5 KM 01/Oct/2012
2 VK5/SE-008 (Lagoon Hill) 4 KM 07/Oct/2012
3 VK5/SE-014 (Illawarra Hill) Drive Up 20/Oct/2012
4 VK5/SE-007 (New Campbell Hill) 7 KM 27/Oct/2012
5 VK5/SE-013 (Mt Gawler) Drive Up 29/Jan/2013
6 VK5/SE-015 (Bumbunga Hill) Drive Up 01/Feb/2013
7 VK5/SE-017 (South Hummocks) Drive Up 09/Mar/2013
8 VK5/SE-010 (Tothill Range) 4 KM 31/Mar/2013
9 VK5/NE-010 (Mt Remarkable) 12 KM 16/Apr/2013
10 VK5/SE-001 (Mt Bryan) 5 KM 27/Apr/2013
11 VK5/SE-002 (Mt Cone) Drive Up 19/May/2013
12 VK5/SE-009 (VK5/SE-009) 4 KM 19/May/2013
13 VK5/SE-004 (Brown Hill Range) 1 KM 14/Jun/2013
14 VK5/NE-058 (Mt Nadjuri) 3 KM 15/Jun/2013
15 VK5/NE-055 (The Battery) 11 KM 29/Jun/2013
16 VK5/NE-065 (The Bluff) 8 KM 07/Jul/2013
17 VK5/SE-003 (Hallett Hill) 1 KM 27/Jul/2013
18 VK5/SE-006 (VK5/SE-006) Drive Up 28/Jul/2013
19 VK5/NE-050 (Stokes Hill) Drive Up 10/Aug/2013
20 VK5/NE-068 (Oladdie Hills) 5 KM 10/Aug/2013
21 VK5/NE-051 (Hogshead Hill) 4 KM 11/Aug/2013
22 VK5/NE-049 (Maurice Hill) 1 KM 11/Aug/2013
23 VK5/NE-041 (VK5/NE-041) 12 KM 20/Aug/2013
24 VK5/NE-014 (Mt Brown) 12 KM 21/Aug/2013
25 VK5/NE-089 (Richmond Hill) 5 KM 08/Nov/2013
26 VK5/NE-080 (The Devils Peak)  5 KM 09/Nov/2013
27 VK5/NE-107 (Pualco Range) 4 KM 17/May/2014
28 VK5/NE-047 (Mt Jay South) Drive uP 18/Jun/2014
29 VK5/NE-066 (Waite Hill) 6 KM 26/Jul/2014
30 VK5/NE-028 (The Dutchmans Stern) 13 KM 26/Aug/2014
31 VK5/NE-102 (Waroonee Hill) 6 KM 27/Sep/2014
32 VK5/NE-104 (Karkala Ridge) 4 KM 27/Sep/2014
33 VK5/NE-071 (Oulnina Hill) 2 KM 28/Sep/2014
34 VK5/NE-088 (Coomaroo Hill) 5 KM 11/Oct/2014
35 VK5/NE-034 (Mount Arden) Drive uP 28/Oct/2014
36 VK5/SE-016 (Black Bullock Hill) Drive Up 21/Nov/2014
37 VK5/SE-005 (Mt Lofty) Drive uP 22/Nov/2014
38 VK5/NE-095 (VK5/NE-095) 5 KM 17/May/2015
39 VK5/NE-069 (Eke Hill) 6 KM 27/Jun/2015
40 VK5/NE-043 (Marchant Hill) 10 KM 27/Jun/2015
41 VK5/NE-035 (Black Rock) 2 KM 28/Jun/2015
42 VK5/NE-048 (Depot Hill) 4 KM 28/Jun/2015
43 VK5/NE-031 (VK5/NE-031) 6 KM 01/Aug/2015
44 VK5/NE-013 (Mt Plantagenet) Drive Up 01/Aug/2015
45 VK5/NE-062 (Black Hill) 6 KM 02/Aug/2015
46 VK5/NE-081 (Nackara Hill) 6 KM 11/Sep/2015
47 VK2/RI-025 (Mount Flakney) Drive Up 24/Oct/2015
48 VK5/NE-083 (Mount Benjamin) 5 KM 20/Aug/2016
49 VK5/NE-056 (Prince Hill) 8 KM 18/Nov/2016
50 VK5/NE-098 (Peaked Hill) 4 KM 19/Nov/2016

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 016

Typical SOTA shack .

Black Rock 2015 018

We see some special views and countryside from Summits

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 002

My vehicle for go anywhere places, Holden Colorado LX .

My Ute 2015 003

Rigs ic 706 for HF ic 2720 for VHF.

Yunta 2015 010

You get to suffer butt rot in some amazing places, air cushion essential kit.

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Cheers Ian vk5cz ..

One comment on “My SOTA Quest Is Now Mountain Goat

  1. Joseph Serafin WA2DZO says:

    Wife missed me after a 4 hour tour of New Jersey USA. Looks like fun and lots of adventure, If I were to get on the highest peak here would see the Empire State Building or Philadelphia, My FT991A captured your js8 response. Radio takes us on a global trip.

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