Mid Season Summits

I have had a couple busy weeks again working through my list of summits I need to visit this year.

Mt Jay South is one of the drive up summits I visit near Wilmington in the morning then a hike in the afternoon to The Bluff near Wirrabara Forest.



Great views to the west looking over Spencer Gulf from up here.

S2S to JP1QEC on 18 mhz all other chasers were on 40m ssb and cw.

Next Summit for the day was The Bluff later in the afternoon which is a 3 km ankle burning hike to the top.


This is the view to the east from my set up spot, the summit is behind me on other side of the road but after the bush fire the growth is so thick it is really difficult to set up in the bush. I was able to work the Crystal Brook group of chasers on 2m simplex from here so did not bother to set up on 80m. Rest of my chasers were on 40m ssb and cw .

Ian vk5is was keen to do a longer hike to Dutchman’s Stern Summit with me this time so it was a very early morning start for me from Clare to try to meet the Alert time for the activation.


Great sunrise on the way to Quorn                 That is the top of the range.


We hiked for 5 km on the walking trail to a way point then bush bash for 1.5 km to the Summit.


Looking to the south you can see several other summits. That’s our goal.


The Two Ian’s hard at work.

Great day out with company and we managed the 13 km hike, got back to Quorn for a late lunch.

A very frosty minus 2 c in Clare when I left to head to Brown Hill Range. This time I went via Spalding then across the Range north of Booborowie,  I had to deliver a bottle of wine to the farmer who grants permission to the summit.


Lots of fog on the range this morning.


My shack and set up in the cold and fog.

Made another S2S with Mot JP1QEC on 18 mhz using the 20/40 dipole as an OCF antenna which works very well on 18 mhz. Once I got the activation under way I had lots of vk chasers on 80 and 40m with very good band conditions.

Worked  ZL1BYZ on 40m cw and several other vk stations on cw again after UTC roll over.

Packed up still in the persisting fog with all my gear wet and headed for Jamestown for an early lunch on my way to Black Rock Peak.

I can drive up a couple km in 4×4 then park and hike the rest to the summit. It was a very nice sunny afternoon on Black Rock Peak this time with great views as far as the eye can see. I counted 7 Wedge Tail Eagles all flying at once around the summit, never seen that many of these birds in the one place before.


That’s the hike from the ute.                            Birds eye view for this bird.



Good collection of chasers on 80m to get the activation underway, not many ssb chasers on 40m but a nice group of chasers on 40m cw. I need to do a mod on my 80m extension wires, the alligator clip broke again so I am trying to work on something more robust. I was lucky to find the clip on the ground when it flew off into the grass and I was able to set up the antenna for the activation. I gently rolled down off the summit in low range then head out to meet the land owner for the first time and give out more Clare Valley wine.

Thanks to all the chasers and land owners.

Thanks for reading my Blogs.

Ian vk5cz ..