Stone Cairns

Here are some photos and locations of the Stone Cairns I have seen on my travels.

Sorry there are people in the photos when we visit these summits its for a radio hobby and hiking  activity called Summits On The Air SOTA .

This is Eke Hill on the southern end of the Bendelby Ranges north east of Orroroo.

This one has collapsed but is on Pualco Range.

Waroonee Hill on Tetulpa Stations west of Yunta.

Oulnina Hill east of Yunta.

Hogshead near Pekina.

Marchant Hill Bendelby Ranges .

These are the summits I visit that have Cairns some have a concrete trig others have the 3 steel post trig and some have the trig removed and 3 blue posts replace the trip point.

Price Hill.

Maurice Hill.

Mt Cone.



One comment on “Stone Cairns

  1. Andrew VK1AD says:

    Nice collection of Trig Points Ian. I too have a blog page dedicated to Trig Point photos.

    I need to find new pesks to climb 🙂

    73 Andrew VK1AD

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