5 Year Anniversary SOTA Trip.

Hugh and I decided the weather would be good to get the last of the Summits along the Barrier Highway this weekend which is 5 years since SOTA started in South Australia. The dry winter and spring this year made it a very dusty trip along the tracks we took and there is no green vegetation to be seen. We still saw plenty of kangaroos and sheep with a few goats thrown in, but not sure what they are eating out there.


The first goal is to hike to Nakara Hill vk5/ne-081, It’s only a short hike from where we park the sota transporter. It was quite windy and cool when we were on the summit but managed to find a rock ledge to set up behind on the northern edge of the summit.


Working the pile up Hugh on ssb and me on cw.

Not many chasers on 80 m but Nev and Ian gave us both a report then Hugh went to 40 m ssb and topped up his score with 3 other regulars from vk3 then I went to cw to get my score thanks to 6 cw chasers to help me out. We packed up and headed back down for smoko then took a new way to Pitcairn Station which ended up being a shorter trip than we thought.

Waite Hill vk5/ne-066 is a great summit to visit with a big climb up the southern end of the range but to get there is a slow 10 km track which is quite rough and stoney so we have to go slowly along until we get there.


On the way up we have a goat track to follow much of the way.


Always good to see the other side of the range on these climbs, Hugh set up by the old trig point which has blown down.


Not many chasers this time only Nev on 80 m the rest were waiting for the Crows to lose the footy.

Hugh made his score with vk3led vk3pf and vk5wat/3 who was pedestrian mobile walking in the water on a beach in vk3 a summit 2 sea contact for us.

I was lucky my faithful chasers on cw came on before the kick off and made me a score.


Great view to the south on the way down.

Thanks to the chasers and land owners.


vk5cz ..





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