Mt Arden Repeater with SOTA vk5/ne-034

Peter VK5BWH had been trying to get a team of helpers to Mt Arden for quite a while and last weekend it all came together. For myself  vk5cz Ian vk5is and Roger vk5we it was a good opportunity to do the SOTA summit while we were there. We arrived at Argadells early so the property manager said we could head up to the Mountain before the other team had arrived. It is about a 40 minute trip to the top from the homestead with a rocky steep climb for the last couple kilometres. The track was a lot more eroded this time than it was last year but we made it without any problems keeping the Colorado in second gear low range to give enough momentum for the obstacle on the track.

We had to set up on the southern side of the hill as it was very windy right on top but a very nice sunny cold day . We had a couple contacts on 80m first with vk5wg and vk5mbd to get the activation under way. Roger went first on 40m ssb to find not many chasers to start out and after another spot he started to get some callers. Ian went second on 40m ssb and just managed to get the two more contacts to qualify. I went last on 40m cw and just made two more contacts as well to get 4 the chasers we all needed.

Coats and woolly hats standard kit in this weather, Roger working his pile up, I think he made six contacts the most of all.

Ian looking for two more on 40m to qualify, it’s always hard to find contacts going second.

Working Nev and Bill on 80m ssb then hoping to find the rest on 40m cw to qualify. The band conditions on 40m were good enough to make contacts there just weren’t many chasers this time.

By the time we all qualified the SOTA summit Peter and the repeater repair team had made it to the top as well and we could get on with helping lower the antenna tower.

A rope and pulley team ready to lower the pipe tower to fix the feed line. We were a bit worried about the strong wind but in the end it all went smoothly.

A complete new feed line was installed and refitted to the tower then we were able to pull it back up and into place.

View inside the Box.

I am not sure what went wrong to put the repeater off the air in the first place but it will be better for the new run of feed line and a reset in the box.


Great views from Mount Arden.

Thanks Peter for organising the trip so we could slot in an activation and for fixing the repeater.

Thanks to the chasers and land owners for access to the summit.

Two Ian’s and Roger.

vk5cz vk5is vk5we.

Thanks for reading my blog

Ian CZ ..




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