Nice Day for Two More Summits

Ian VK5IS and Ian VK5CZ met at Hallett early on Saturday morning so we could get to Mount Bryan SOTA summit before UTC rollover and give the chasers double points for the activation. The land management has changed for this summit if you want to use the access track to Mount Bryan as the gate is locked these days. Farmer Tony was very helpful to me over the last three years that I have been driving to this summit and always gave me access to the key to unlock the gate. Not sure what the new arrangement is going to be about access as Tony’s lease has expired and the original owners have taken charge of the property again. The summit can still be accessed via the Heysen trail but it means about 1 hour hike to reach the summit which I will still do if need be, its just nice to have a drive up summit every now and then.

We reached the summit in good time and the weather was really nice sunny and calm with a bit of a chilly breeze at times.

Ian took a rest in the Kings Throne at the trig point after our short hike to the top then it was on with setting up the antennas. We started on 80m to work the locals first and Ian qualified the summit on 80m ssb first up before UTC roll over then gave out some contacts on 40m ssb as well after roll over.

Ian VK5IS hard at work on 40m ssb with a nice pile up running and he managed a couple S2S as well with Hugh VK5NHG who was on Lagoon Hill at the same time. We both made a S2S QSO with Hugh on the 2 m hand held probably over a 40 km distance, we had good line of site and could see Lagoon Hill off in the distance.

One of my Favourite views from the top is looking out east, you can see the curvature of the earth.

VK5CZ took a turn to work some cw chasers with great contacts around VK and ZL again on 40 m cw.

This summit well and truly activated we packed up and headed to Brown Hill Range summit.

This summit is another of the drive ups that we can do north of Booborowie on Brown Hill Range, this is also private property so permission is required.

Ian VK5IS among the chasers again this time on 40m ssb and his first S2S with VK3BYD on cw, he also had a QSO with ZL1BYZ and ZL1WA on 20 m ssb.

A great view to the north if you like wind turbines and a 100 year old very well built stone wall .

The shack for the afternoon right at the trig point.

Ian VK5CZ among the chasers on 40 m CW with good contacts around VK ZL and an extra surprise call from EA8TL from Spain later in the afternoon on 20 m cw. Needed the ear buds on this summit as the wind generator is right near the summit and was turning rather fast in the stiff breeze at the time.

These things are quite a sight and sound show when spinning around in a strong wind .

We had a great day out on the summits with nice weather and lots of chasers .

73 from the two Ian’s and thanks to all the chasers and land owners.





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