Mt Plantagenet And hill NE-031

On Sunday I hit the road at 4 am to drive to Hawker and meet up with Hugh and Kate to do a couple more summits on the list. Pretty uneventful trip apart from some foggy patches to slow me down just in case a Kangaroo decided to cross the road in front of me. I did see a few but the nice driving light I have now work very well and I saw them from a long way off. I met Hugh and Kate at the caravan park where they stayed for a few days and we swapped my gear into the Mitsi and headed out east of Hawker to find the Summits. The weather was very sunny and nice temperature for climbing hills and not too much wind.


The first creek crossing on the way to VK5/NE-031 an unnamed summit on the south side of the property which is about 5 km from the homestead. No problems for Mitsi just a bit of a scrape on the tow point . We headed for the summit with about 2 km to hike, it is a bit of an up and down walk crossing over several gutters that wash down from higher places in the hills.


No trees out here, about to start the last of the climbs to the summit .


View to the Afternoon summit of in the distance.


Getting set up,this large rock is the only thing on the Hill lucky for us to hold the antenna up.

Both Hugh and I both made lots of contacts this time with 40m in good shape for a change with both local vk5’s and interstate stations all nice strong signals. One surprising contact for me was VK5IS on 20m cw over a distance of maybe 270 km.

Thanks to the chasers and off to the next summit.

Mount Plantagenet is 930 m asl with a long stony 4×4 track following along the ridge until the top. 2016-03-05-17-54-51

Only rocks and spinafex with the odd tree on this hill but the weather again was nice so we set up in our usual spot on the south side of the summit out of the wind.


Hugh went first this time and made a nice score of contacts . I was lucky to find enough left to get 4 on 40m ssb then only one dx station EU2MM on 20m cw. I am sorry about the spotting my phone battery gave out and I could not spot any more by the end of the activation to alert the band change .


Great views all round up here this is looking South, the homestead is in the valley below a really pretty spot .


My camera does not really do the view justice that is Wilpena Pound in the distance .

Thanks again to all the chasers

Thanks for reading.

Till next time 73

Ian CZ e e




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