Summits for July 2016

Hello everyone I have been a bit slack lately since the FYBO contest I have only managed to get 3 summits done for July as the weather has been really wet and cold so access to some of the properties has been impossible.

2015-12-05 13.36.57

This is My FYBO set up where I sat for 5 hours making contacts. Set up in the scrub block near home and the path is an old Mountain Bike track we made a few years ago for training and having a bit of fun. Sitting under this shelter for 5 hours is a similar pain as riding my bike around here, just another form of torture.

On with SOTA , my first activation for July was Hill NE-041 up from Mambray Creek on the western side of Mount Remarkable National Park. This is my hardest hike for the season as it goes from 140 m asl in the car park to 810 m asl at the top in about 5 km.

2015-12-12 10.29.38

This is guna hurt !!

Setting out from the park it will take me 3 hours to get there .

2015-12-12 11.41.25

View of the Summit a way to go yet from Black Hill lookout which is now up to 480m asl after about 1 hour of the hike, I am in need of a water stop and rest.

2015-12-12 11.41.50

Buggered would be a way to describe how I feel here after 3 hours I finally made it to the top with a bush bash off the walking trail to get the last bit.

2015-12-12 13.34.14

It’s a bit awkward to set up the squidy on this hill this is the only clear area, so this was the best i could do.

Had good contacts on HF with a S2S to VK2AOH on 40m cw and worked most of the band of faithful chasers on 40m ssb and cw with JS1IFK on 15m cw who has chased me a few times now. I took the half wave 2m vertical as well so I was able to get  2m simplex contacts to VK5WG and VK5IS who were hard to hear on 40m ssb.

Just for interest I took my heart rate monitor I use for cycling and I reached 140 bpm at one time during the walk considering my Maximum is around 156 for my age.  Of the 3 hours time to make the top I spent 40 minutes stopped to rest or drink but it is really hard to gauge as the cycling gps has to be moving faster than 3 kph to record the trip. Just a gauge really all I know is it hurt, it’s a hard won 6 points.

The next SOTA weekend was Mount Cone on the Saturday and The Bluff on the Sunday.

2015-12-25 14.04.58

Mount Cone is a windy cold exposed summit north of Burra . An easy summit for me to get to in the Colorado with the track up there for other services.

2015-12-25 13.35.14

Not much to slow the wind down up here looking north to Mt Bryan and only a short walk up to the smaller hut from the GRN compound. I had to set up behind the hut at the top to keep out of the wind and try to stay warm.

2015-12-25 15.18.20

I had very good conditions on 40m both ssb and cw and bagging 2 S2S as well to vk3cat and vk3byd this time.

I also made some good contacts to vk2 and vk6 on 21 mhz cw and 14mhz ssb. I worked every mainland state except vk8.

Thanks to all the chasers.

Sunday I was off to Laura to meet up with Dave vk5dmc who had a trip to RMN and ATV broadcast sites so I hitched a ride to the cross road near Go Cart Track and walked south along the Walking Trail to the summit of the Bluff.

2015-12-26 13.59.55

After the big bushfire up there a couple years ago it is not possible to get on top of the ridge any more because the under story is now regrown so much. I used a burnt out post on the side of the road to hold my squidy this time and crouched in the bush as best i could.

2015-12-26 14.25.38

This activation went well with qso’s on 40m ssb and cw once again, vk’s on 15m cw and JS1IFK  on cw, more vk’s on 20m cw to vk6 and vk3 . S2S with vk1ma and vk2oah .

2015-12-26 14.30.02

2015-12-26 15.13.37

This was my operating position at the side of the road I had a nice big rock to set the rig up on and it was a very pleasant day sitting in the sun shine. Dave was still busy at the repeater site so I made the 3 km walk back down to my ute when I was finished.

Thanks to all the chasers thanks for reading.

Ian vk5cz ..

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