Pualco Range SOTA 2016

Today started quite early leaving Farrell Flat by 6am to get on the road heading for Pualco Range VK5/NE-107.

Hugh had a different way of getting there this time with less bush track and better roads considering the rain we have had this week. We still had some bush tracks and gates to deal with but it was a very pleasant trip this time with lots of wild life along the way.

2015-11-05 11.06.19

One of the gates we go through

2015-11-05 11.35.34

Old Man Emu running along side at about 50 km per hour.

2015-11-05 13.03.10

Working my way across this stony saddle .

2015-11-05 13.10.31

Hugh is of picking a line to the summit.

2015-11-05 13.23.24

Amazing old Yacka grass trees here they must be very old these are about 2m tall.

2015-11-05 14.03.15

We did not find many chasers today Hugh could only find 5 contacts on ssb and I found 6 on cw.

We stayed on 40m and did not stay on the summit long because it started to rain. Sorry to those who may have been listening on other bands but I am a bit fussy about getting water in my KX3 .

We had to travel about 50 km of station tracks to get to Yunta so we could head out to the next summit for the afternoon activation. Once again the rain stopped us activating the second summit as the tracks were getting very wet and slippery and the land holders don’t like their tracks cut up with 4×4 vehicles so we  got off the sticky roads as quick as we could.

Thanks for all the qso’s when on Pualco Range a great summit to visit.

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