Waite Hill vk5/ne-066

Waite Hill is a great summit, the highest point in the Porcupine Ranges east of Terowie. Hugh and I left early in the morning to head there as we had two summits for the day planned . It was my turn to give the Colorado a run at some 4×4 this time and we saw many Kangaroos and Emus on the way so we had to be careful along the roads not to hit them.

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 004 Ready for the challenge climbing this one it is very steep and rocky right from go.

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 005  Hugh is off picking the line I have my hat on backwards looking up.

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 020 The summit is up here somewhere, it was about an hour hike.

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 007 Waite Hill Summit highest point in photo.

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 011 Sleepy Lizard using a rock for a pillow getting some sun.

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 013 The top.

Waite Hill Hill SE-006 15 017 Hugh in the pile up .

We had reasonable conditions on 40m for a change but the skip was still quite long, Hugh was able to work Paul vk5pas but the rest were interstate and Mt Gambier contacts. I made 4 qso on ssb then Tony wanted a cw qso so I went to cw mode and worked another 5 stations. One thing I did not realise when Hugh was on air my KX3 was set to about 3 Watts as I had been testing it in my shack last week and forgot to reset the output power. But we got enough to qualify and get the job done then a steady hike back down to the ute and a bite of lunch before the 4×4 track back to good roads which takes about an hour with Hugh working off the soreness opening gates this time.

Thanks to all the chasers for the contacts and land owners for the tracks and hills.


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