Mt Plantagenet and VK5/NE-031 No Name Summit

Hugh and I set out from Clare Friday afternoon to drive to Hawker to stay overnight for an early start out to Wormba Station a large pastoral property east from Hawker. It happens to have 2 SOTA summits so Hugh did some ground work and got permission to activate them. The first thing we noticed was how helpful Allen was when we arrived he offered to show us how to get to the summit, Hill ne-031 as he was not sure which hill we meant and by the property it looks like there could be more summits there. He offered us one of the farm buggies to drive out but Hugh was keen to give the Mitsi a work out in 4×4 . This buggy was a great machine it was a Daihatsu car one time but was rear ended in a RTA so with some cut and lift it is now a really great short wheel base 4×4 with a small tray for farm gear and all the mod cons in the cabin of a car.

Hawker 2015 004 Allen climbing out of a creek crossing.

Hawker 2015 002Hugh followed soon after.

With many gates to open we headed out to find this summit and only got lost for a short while. Allen was only visiting for the weekend and was not really sure where we wanted to go but he did eventually pick up the over grown track which took us to within a couple kilometres of the summit. We had a lot of altitude already so we were able to continue of foot along a ridge actually walking about a kilometre too far but it was the easiest way to get to the top. No trig point on this summit just a big bald hill with no trees at all. We went down the eastern side a bit to break the wind as it was very windy up there and the big rock was the only thing in sight to hold up the squidy.

Hawker 2015 013 Used Hugh’s IC 703 and link dipole on this activation.

It was very windy even down off the top of the hill so we only made a few contacts each to qualify and get off to the next activation.

Hawker 2015 009 That’s the Summit pretty boring but 6 points makes it worth it. Mt Plantagenet is to the north the afternoons adventure.

We made our way back to the Mitsi in a much more direct line and got across a couple creeks only scraping a couple times on Mitsi’s rear end protection bars.

Off to the next Summits after lunch.

Mt Plantagenet vk5/ne013 is one of the highest points you can drive to in the Flinders Ranges but it is not easy to get there.

We had to return to the homestead then go out east for about a 30 km round trip to make the top. Mitsi handled the climb ok it was not really steep but lots of rocks sticking up making it a bumpy climb. At top are a couple solar powered tele comms  link systems by the look, 4 x 12 el uhf Yagi antennas horizontal in from the south and the same 4 x 12 el uhf Yagi’s vertical polarisation out to the north towards Wilpena Pound. I would love some of that coax they use at home.

Hawker 2015 014 That is south behind me amazing view.

Hawker 2015 017 The morning summit down south.

Hawker 2015 021 Wilpena Pound to the far north.

So we went back off the south eastern side of the summit and found some shelter from the wind again. This time we used my new 53 foot end fed for the first time on a summit and the You Kits MT1 tuner with the HB-1B and the ic 703. The ic 703 did not like to tune by its own tuner so we used the MT1 in line with that rig as well. Anyone who has had a 703 “if it aint happy it don’t tune”. There is room for more experiments to find a end fed wire to suit the 703 more back yard work. The 53 footer is the length the MT1 likes to tune that’s why I ended up with that length .

Hugh had lots of chasers on SSB then I asked Nev vk5wg to spot me on 40m cw and I set up the HB-1B for some cw. I made several vk qso’s on 40m cw and when they ran out I called cq on 14.062 and worked g4obk, eu2mm,s58als then ea2lu and then 20m dried up but thanks for the dx. We still had to get off the rocky hill so we packed up and headed for Hawker. Great day thanks to Mary for letting us use her property and Allen for showing us about with lots of help thrown in.

Hawker 2015 023 Hugh working the pile up what a view .

Hawker 2015 026 Ian on cw.

This is as good as it gets.

73 from Hugh vk5nhg and Ian vk5cz..

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