Black Hill VK5/NE-062

Black Hill is a great summit a very challenging climb with many rock steps and large reefs several metres high in places running across the ridges

Hawker 2015 050

We started out from Hawker and had to go back south on the main road to Cradock then turn left and head north again on a main Station track for about 60 km winding up and down through nice country until we reached Hugh’s grid reference.

Hawker 2015 052 Are we there yet ?

From the bottom of the range it is hard to spot the actual summit so we just headed off towards the range hoping the ridge running up would get us to the top.

Hawker 2015 029 Once we had morning Smoko

Hawker 2015 030 And a meeting with one of the locals.

Off we set slowly making our way up the ridge line when we came across these type of rocks sticking up

Hawker 2015 033 This is about half way to the top

Hawker 2015 034 This is a very weathered stone .

On we pushed bush bashing most of the time but gaining altitude with every step we finally made the top of the ridge and saw the stone Cairn off to the north a little further.

Hawker 2015 042 This Summit to the east from us is a next time challenge.

Hawker 2015 043 This was my first sight looking west from the top.

Hawker 2015 044 The top

Hawker 2015 045 I look skinny after that effort.

So on with the activation we had no internet here but Hugh was lucky to make contact straight away on 40m and Phil was kind enough to Spot us on SOTAwatch2 . Hugh worked through the steady pile up then my turn came with a couple on 40m ssb and vk3of was kind enough to spot me on cw so I set up the HB-1B . This time we used the 53 foot end fed again  and I had a pile up on cw straight away as the spot did the trick. I called a few times on 20m cw but did not hear anyone so we packed up and started the scramble back down. It took as long to get down as the climb up 1hr 30 minutes both ways. We both went

A over T on the way down to add to the excitement no damage luckily .

Hawker 2015 047 Hugh hard at it confusing F calls .

Hawker 2015 049 Thanks everyone for all the contacts over the weekend.

We travelled 700 km spent at least $400 each in Hawker on food fuel and accommodation walked about 14 km and activated 3 unique summits .   Thanks to the property owners for the use of the tracks and hills.

73 for now de Ian vk5cz ..

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