Mt Bryan and Brown Hill Range

This weekends activating was Mt Bryan and Brown hill range. This time I had permission to drive up the back way to Mount Bryan which save about 3 hours of walking so I could fit 2 summits into my day. The Weather forecast was for calm sunny weather which is handy on Mt Bryan but I was completely fogged in when I got there. It was very cold too only a few degrees I am sure. The track up was dry and I did the climb in 4×4 high range with out any trouble, it’s not that steep but is a bit washed out in places.

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 002 No view at all and the Summit is up behind the Colorado in the fog about a 15 minute walk, there is a style in the fence so its easy to get over fully loaded. I got set up and Ian vk5is did a spot for me on 40m with a steady amount of chasers in my log when the rain came through.

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 004 It was fine to start out but turned wet very quickly and I had a chance to try my Boffy Bag in the field for the first time which was great I only wish I had it set up earlier.

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 005 I probably should have just stayed put under my shelter for a while but the kx3 was a bit damp as was my other gear so I quickly packed up and headed back to the Ute. Sorry to those who missed out and it would have been nice to give out more points after roll over. Ian logged me on 2m fm before I left that was all he was a good signal on the vx8.

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 007 This was the first time I saw the sun about half way back down off the summit, the track was a bit slippery coming down after the rain . Thanks to the chasers on Mount Bryan vk5/se-001.


Its about 30 km to Brown Hill Range from Mount Bryan on the main road to Jamestown and you turn south on the Booborowie Road along the gas pipe line. I met the managers son in the paddock he was spreading urea with a big tractor and spreader on the sides of the hills in a crop . No issues getting to this summit the wind farms are there and its a good road with a couple gates to go through.

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 009 The weather was much better this time

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 010 Its a good summit among the rocks with good shelter .

Mt Bryan BrownHill 2015 016 This is my summit shack among the rocks

Thanks to the chasers for the contacts and Ian for the spots its handy having that contact on 2m with the hand held.

This time from vk5/se-004

cheers all de Ian vk5cz ..


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