Maurice Hill and Hogshead SOTA Summits

The frost was quite thick and minus 3 when I left Clare to head out for Pekina this morning but by the time we got there it was a nice sunny day. This was the first time to try the Colorado in 4×4 on Maurice Hill, I have been up it a couple times before in the LC ute and the Colorado did it with ease.

001 I had Dan a touring cyclist who is staying with us for a while with me and he was enjoying a rest from the bike and seeing some nice country. He is a film maker and keen photographer and has some really nice gear so looking forward to seeing his work.

003 As usual Mt Remarkable can be seen this is a view to the west.

004 View to the east to Hogs Head the next summit .

Once we got down from Maurice Hill I called by the farmers house to get more directions to make sure we are in the right paddock, we have been going into the neighbour’s property the last few activations. So off to Hogs Head  after smoko and found the right entrance to the property and made our way as far as we could drive then had to tackle the steep climb on foot.

008  Fully loaded .

012 This is Dan he was way ahead on the climb and shot some good video and photos as we climbed. Another well built stone cairn .

015 This is my shack behind a box thorn bush which made a good wind break. I had lots of contacts on 40m and some cw contacts on 20m on both summits but no dx this time. I was probably too early in the day for Europe this time .

018 A view towards the Bluff in the distance with a stiff breeze holding out the SOTA flag.

017 View to Maurice Hill the morning activation and Mt Remarkable in the far distance.

019 Down in the weeds working the pile ups.

Thanks to the property owners for access to the summits and all the chasers and great company from Dan.

73 de Ian vk5cz ..

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