Black Rock and Depot Hill SOTA

Early start again after a very friendly night in the pub, meeting and raving about SOTA to the locals who all seemed interested and some wanted to know why their hill is not a summit which has to be positive. So some explaining about prominence with a lot of hand waving or making the pint glass the summit and the bar the low lands is a good way to explain prominence. Pint is a 8 pointer, Scooner 6 points and Butcher 4 points and a Pony not worth climbing, probably only a South Aussie will under stand this analogy .

Black Rock 2015 001 First gate of many for today with Black Rock in the distance.

This is a tricky 4×4 climb up near the top and much to my relief Hugh decided against the danger and we walked the last bit which is a similar distance from where you can drive to anyhow .

Black Rock 2015 004 The Mitsi did this part with ease and we had a good assent, also this track is not used very much so it was very solid under foot and grown over with grasses so good traction. Black Rock 2015 007 This is my last picture of the climb. The view is really great with a 360 deg view for many miles. This summit has no mains power close by so none of the tele services use it but there are a couple solar powered radio installations there.

Black Rock 2015 009 View to Yesterdays Summits to the north.

Black Rock 2015 010 The team at the top, this time we got set up and Hugh had 3 minutes to make 4 contacts before UTC roll over then I could take over for the next UTC day. All weekend Hugh went first leaving me to activate second and every time I was struggling to find enough to qualify it was amazing . Hugh would have a pile up then I was trying on ssb then cw to find enough. But in the end we both got a score and not having the masses chase you will make my logging short work for the same points.

Black Rock 2015 014 Making hard work of it but I did get some ssb and cw qso’s I even tried 15m but no answer there.

Black Rock 2015 015 Time to get back down and on to Depot Hill.


This Summit is south of Black Rock but it is such a massive uplift of rock on the northern side we had to travel probably 25 km to the southern side to find a track to get to the summit . We did not know which track to take, we decided on the one on the CFS map along the main ridge but it ran out but the GPS told us it was about 1 km to the top so we walked. During the walk we found the track again in the high spinifex grass that grows in this area and Mitsi will not get off lightly next time.

Black Rock 2015 017


Black Rock 2015 018 That is a great view from south west of Black Rock , Depot Hill has no stone cairn so we got straight into activating, Hugh on 40m ssb then I went to cw because again not one chaser on 40m ssb answered me . Maybe nobody loves me after all . But I qualified with vk’s on 40m cw  and my first S2S for the weekend, then I got 5 dx stations on 20m cw with my old mate OK2PDT being the first to qso with me he must have been up early.

Black Rock 2015 020 Another great view out to the west and the area is looking really green as they have had good rains this winter so far , but looking at some of the yellowing crops down on the flat lands they could do with more rain asap.

Black Rock 2015 021 Hugh on the job for the last activation of a great weekend.

Black Rock 2015 025 Ian on the key working some dx but it may have been too early for Europe to be out of bed. We had to get off the hill and drive home Hugh had 540 km on the speedo by the time he got home.

Thanks to the land owners for access to the summits and Mitsi for getting us there safely .

cheers Ian vk5cz and Hugh vk5nhg ..

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