Marchant Hill SOTA activation

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 002 A very cold 0c as we paused by the old ruins at 7 am to open the first gate on our way to Marchant Hill vk5/ne 043 .

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 005 This is just one of the photos I took of the old homestead where probably the first settlers really got a house established in this harsh land.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 006 The first selfy of Hugh and I at the gate before heading for the hills. The track is well marked but I must say you need a 4×4 to get through some of the creek crossing , even the Mitsi hit on a couple shorter creeks. We got to the start of our first hike and decided to climb the ridge then follow north but as it turned out we could see thr trig point way off to the north. With lots of ridge walking and trying not to lose any altitude once we had it was a bit tricky so we did lots of up and down anyhow until we could see a clear path to the correct hill.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 012 We still have a way to got but if you stick at it you get there.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 018 That’s an old trig point .

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 019 It’s on a Hundred Boundary, those fins line up with a fence line going west for many kilometres, the land is subdivide into 100 square mile blocks that was the first survey methods back god knows when in the 1800’s.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 023 Hugh working the pile up

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 029 Ian working the not so many left its always hard to get contacts when you go second. But we both got enough and headed back down in a much easier fashion than going up also  we were able to work out an easier path for next time and cut time and distance of the journey.

Bendaldy Ranges 2015 030 lots of honey bees around this small bush nicely out in flower .

We made it back to the ute then headed back to the homestead and start the search for Eke Hill to the south from where we came.

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