Hallett Hill and Mt Cone

Great early morning drive to Hallett Hill I took the LC Ute this time I needed 4wd to get up Mt Cone later in the day.

Paul found out last time he activated this summit we had been entering via the wrong property. Its a nice drive through the wind towers winding for about 4 km with a couple gates to open and shut. Weather was quite calm for this hill but I needed my hat and wind jacket on while sitting in the rock pile. I put up the 6m/10m link dipole and made contact with Ian vk5is on 6m but had to change over to 10m to make a qso with Nev vk5wg . This new challenge is a bit of a fizzer for vk5’s unless there is a lager group of locals listening out. UTC roll over caught me out I could not count the 6m qso with Ian as I only had 1 qso before roll over . After a couple qso on 10m I swapped antennas for 40m and worked the pile up

of faithful chasers



Hallet Hill 2015 003   to my surprise an un expected visitor in my picture heading up to the radio hut on the hill, I did not know he was there.


Hallet Hill 2015 005  Working through the pile up.


Hallet Hill 2015 010

Smoko and a look at my next summit across the Valley.

Mount Cone .

This is another easy summit if you have a 4wd, the track goes within 100m of the top so I had a short walk after a simple high range 4wd climb to my parking spot beside the comms building up there. At the very top is a smaller building which is a very good wind break to get behind . I had better luck on 6m this time the vertical dipole worked well making qso’s with Roger vk5nwe Ian vk5is and Bill vk5mbd. They were probably all about 50 or 60 km away from me not sure really but on 52.150 ssb all very good signals my closest attempt at qualifying yet. I waited for vk2yw to finish his activation on 40m that way I could jump on his frequency as the shires contest was on as well and the band was a bit busy. I made some Summit 2 Summit qso’s this time and most activity was on 40m ssb but thanks to a few who gave chase on 20m cw and some dx as well later on. I managed a s2s with vk3hra on 20m cw  as my last qso, the shivers were setting in and it was cooling off rather quickly so I gave it away 05.12 utc .

Great day of SOTA looking forward to the next time possibly 3 new ones near Orroroo later this month.

Thanks to the land holders for access to the summits.

Mt Cone 2015 007

6m/10m link vertical dipole.

Mt Cone 2015 004

pretty baron view all round up here no wonder its so windy.

Mt Cone 2015 006

Mount Bryan vk/se-001 in the distance going there soon.

Mt Cone 2015 008

Mt Cone shack

Mt Cone 2015 009

HF Antenna link dipole 20/40m .

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