Devils Peak and Coomoroo Hill SOTA activations

Had an early start from Clare Saturday morning on 23/05/2015.

Took my Subaru this time as I had to scoot to get there just a bit above the limit as the roads are very quiet that time of day. Going north these days is easier and quicker via Jamestown then take the road to Melrose its a good black top road and a very fast way to get some distance. This time I was activating Coomoroo Hill first so I had some dirt roads to travers as well north from Booleroo Centre . I was able to drive the Outbacker up the farm track a kilometre or so not as far as the LC Ute because of the ground clearance issues but it saved me a bit of extra hike. The activation went well I only stayed on 40m to deal with the pile up on ssb and at the end an elderly gent aged 91 gave me a call and we had a chat for a while before I headed back to my car.

coomoroo 001

On the way to Quorn I got a bit lost on the back roads and discovered a short cut to Stokes Hill another summit near by so next time I will activate Stokes hill in the same trip as Commoroo that will save me going to Quorn.

Devils peak was a great activation by the time I was set up the wind had dropped out and it was very nice WX up there.

I made lots of QSO’s and even qualified on CW before working my band of faithful chasers on SSB. This time I had my first challenge QSO on 6m SSB with Roger vk5nwe who was a very strong 5/9 signal. I used a 6/10 m link dipole as a vertical with one end at the top of my squid pole coax a way down and bottom half of dipole on a string to tension it all.

This time I recorded the activation on my camera as a short moving picture so this will be a test to see if it can be uploaded and viewed on this blog page. Well I give up more home work needed.

.MOV files are not allowed on this page so it tells so a picture from my last activation will have to do.

Quorn 2014 4 summits 028

Quorn 2014 4 summits 030

What a special place it is that’s Richmond Hill another summit across the Valley and unfortunately Mount Brown pinches prominence off the range behind it other wise more summit potential could be possible.

Thanks to all the chasers on cw and ssb and Roger for checking the path on 6m ssb.

73 all till next time Ian vk5cz ..




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